How Long Will the Detail Take?

The length of service is dependant on a variety of conditions including: which service is requested, vehicle size and vehicle condition. Our staff will do their best to provide a time estimate before beginning the detail.

Should I Remove Items Before the Detail?

We ask that you remove all personal items before coming in for a service. Although our detailers take precautions to safeguard customer belongings, Auto Club is not held liable for items left in the vehicle. Excessive items left in the vehicle will result in the application of an "extreme condition” surcharge.

How are “Extreme Condition” Surcharges Applied?

An “extreme condition” surcharge may apply for vehicles which contain messes outside the parameters of our services. These fees may be charged for conditions including, but not limited to: pet hair, food residue, heavy stains, mud and excessive belongings left in the vehicle. Our detailers will notify you if your vehicle warrants an extreme condition fee prior to completing the service.

What Should I do If I Believe an Item is Missing from my Vehicle?

Our detailers do their best to ensure all personal items are returned to your vehicle upon completion of service. However, if you believe an item was misplaced please give us a call so we may search for it.