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Rock Chip Touch Up


Rock chips are not only unsightly, they provide a vulnerable opening in your vehicle’s paint which exposes bare metal to the elements. If not addressed, this bare metal will begin to rust and deteriorate. Touch-up paint works as an “automotive band-aid” by covering up the exposed metal and shielding it from exterior moisture and contaminants. Our touch-up paint is color matched and clear coated to blend as well as possible with your vehicle’s finish.

*Price determined by quote


Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing scratches and imperfections from a vehicle’s clear coat, resulting in a brighter and more uniform finish. Over time, automotive paint accumulates a variety of imperfections such as: light scratches, swirl marks, bird drop etching and bug splatter etching. These imperfections lead to a dull or hazed appearance of the vehicle’s finish. In order to remove these surface damages, a microscopic layer of clear coat is removed with abrasive polishes, which level the paint’s surface.

Due to the intensive and dangerous nature of the process, it is important to only have paint correction work done by highly trained professionals — such as those at Auto Club Detailing. An improper paint correction job can lead to further damage of the paint and the appearance of imperfections such as hologramming and buffer trails. Our staff is professionally trained by industry-leaders such as Rupes International and Esoteric Car Care and only uses advanced, proven products and techniques.

Before Paint Correction

Before Paint Correction

After Paint Correction

After Paint Correction



Level 1 Full Exterior Polish

*Starting at $300

For gloss-enhancement and removal of light defects and swirl-marks

*Popular Upgrades: Sealant for added protection, window coating


Level 2 Full Exterior Polish

*Starting at $500

For a deep enhancement of vehicle finish and removal of heavy scratching and swirling

*Popular Upgrades: Sealant for added protection, window coating


Level 3 Exterior Polish

*Starting at $750

For a complete transformation of a vehicle’s finish.

*Popular Upgrades: Sealant for added protection, window coating, ceramic coating


Area Scratch Removal

*Price Determined by Quote

For buffing out targeted scratches and swirls on specific areas

*Popular Upgrades: Exterior decontamination and wax, Sealant for added protection